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Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY) is a finished Yarn that is continuously or simultaneously drawn on a winding machine and deformed by a twister. There are generally low elastic silk, shot silk, high elastic silk, light mesh, heavy mesh, no mesh, low elastic light mesh, composite silk, etc.

Types of Draw Texturing Yarn

  • Highest Quality Polyester Spun Yarn for Sewing Thread Dyed Spun Polyester Yarn
    The network wire refers to the filament in the network nozzle, through the action of the jet flow, the monofilaments intertwine with each other to form a periodic network point of the filament. Genera...
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  • 100%polyester recycled plastic recycle pet bottle yarn for weaving tablecloth
    DTY is cheap, widely used, but feel hard, hydrophobic, poor skin affinity.
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  • Yarn Wool Thread For Knitting And Crochet Polyester Nylon Core Spun Yarn For Knitting
    Drawing deformable silk refers to the finished silk which is continuously or simultaneously drawn on the reinforcing machine and processed by twisting machine.
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  • 300D-1200D FDY High Tenacity Filament Polyester Yarn For Industrial use
    DTY network wire: Network wire refers to the filament with periodic network points that intertwine with each other through the action of jet airflow in the network nozzle.
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  • Polyester FDY Twist Yarn 1000D/196F FDY Yarn for Knitting AA Grade FDY Yarn
    Network processing is mainly used in the processing of POY, FDY and DTY. The low-elastic network wire manufactured by the combination of network technology and DTY technology has the fluffiness and go...
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What is the DTY?

DTY is a stretch textured yarn
Yarn is suitable for making
One of the yarn--fine denier silk is more suitable for making
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