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Printed Fabric Technological Principle 

The technological principle of printed fabric is that the color paste of water-soluble reactive dyes is printed and then made into transfer printing paper. Then, the fabric pretreatment is closely combined with transfer printing paper, and a certain pressure is applied. The pretreatment liquid carried by the fabric dissolves the color paste on the transfer printing paper. Under certain pressure, because the affinity of dye to fabric is greater than that of transfer paper, the dye is transferred to the fabric, enters into the gap of the fabric, and forms the finished product after fixing and washing.

Among printed fabric types, blue printed fabric is the most famous one, which is a traditional fabric printing and dyeing handicraft in China. The whole printing and dyeing process of blue-printed cloth is all operated by hand, and there are grey and cracked ice lines in the blue and white patterns. This irregular ice pattern, fresh and elegant, natural and beautiful, is called the soul of manual printing and dyeing, which is beyond the reach of any mechanical printing and dyeing.

Bulec Custom Printed Fabric Wholesale

Bulec is a company that offers custom-printed fabric services. They specialize in high-quality and detailed prints to be applied to a variety of fabrics.

To order custom block print curtains wholesale from Bulec, you can start by selecting the fabric type you want to use, such as printed cotton fabric types, silk, or polyester. You can then upload your design or choose from a library of designs provided by Bulec. Once you have finalized your design and fabric choice, you can place your order and Bulec will begin the printing process.

Bulec offers a range of customization options, including the ability to choose the color, scale, and repeat pattern of your design. We also offer sample swatches and mockups to ensure that you are happy with the final printed curtain fabric before placing a larger order.

Overall, Bulec is a great option if you are looking for high-quality custom-printed fabric for your next project.

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