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The Processing Method Of The Embossed Fabric

The Embossed Fabric is processed by printing and dyeing is dipped in resin solution, pre-baked, pressed by a textured machine, and then baked and fixed loosely, thus the textured cloth with a concave-convex flower shape is obtained. The embossing machine has a pair of rollers, the upper roller is a heated steel roller with a convex pattern on its surface, and the lower roller is a fibre roller with a concave pattern on its surface corresponding to the convex pattern of the upper roller. If the paint is printed at the same time as rolling, it can produce the effect of coloured rolling. There are also upper rollers which are engraved into concave patterns by roller printing copper rollers, and lower rollers which are made of smooth rubber rollers or fibre rollers instead of fibre rollers with convex patterns. The equipment is simple and easy to operate, and the concave-convex degree of the rolled patterns is shallow, but it is convenient to change patterns. This kind of embossed cloth is also called embossed cloth. Besides cotton cloth, there are also polyester, polyester/cotton blended fabrics, etc. Because the synthetic fibre has the setting function after high-temperature treatment, the rolled pattern is more washable and durable than pure cotton cloth. As one of the leading fabric wholesale manufacturers in China,  Bluec provides quality embossed curtain fabricembossed velvet fabric, embossed jacquard fabric, etc.

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