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Linen Looks Fabric Benefits

First of all, linen fabric is a kind of fabric with good hygroscopicity and excellent moisture conductivity.

The fabric is made of flax fibre as the main raw material. Therefore, flax fabric has similar characteristics to flax fibre, that is, flax fabric has very good moisture conductivity and hygroscopicity. Scientific experiments have proved that linen cloth can absorb more than 20 times its own weight of water. It can be seen that linen fabric has very good temperature regulation performance.

Secondly, linen fabric has a very good anti-allergic performance.

The raw material for weaving linen is flax fibre, which is extracted from flax by a degumming process. It is a pure natural raw material and does not contain any harmful substances to human body. Therefore, linen fabric has very good anti-allergic performance.

In addition, linen fabric has other advantages. Linen fabric is superior to other fabrics in anti-static and anti-bacterial, and linen fabric is light and cool.

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