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Our range of velvet fabric can be purchased online for the use of upholstery and for your curtains. If you use velvet fabric for your curtains you will see the difference from using a plain chenille fabric as velvet really does stand out. A velvet material can make a house feel very luxurious with its shimmering and shining character that can really brighten up a room. Upholster your new chair or cushions using velvet fabric and feel the softness.BLuec Fabric Shop has a growing range of velvet fabrics from non-shine to shine and to non-stretch to stretch. We also have printed and patterned velvet fabrics that you can now match with our plain velvet, just another growing collection at BLuec Fabric Shop.


  • Plain Velvet Fabric
    Plain Velvet Fabric
    Velvet has fibers that soak in the colors pretty well, often with rich color results.
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  • Printed Velvet Fabric
    Printed Velvet Fabric
    The style characteristic of printing flannelette is the outline of villi uniform, decorative pattern is clear, velvet article is bright and clean, depth is thick and colorful, light color is bright, whiteness is white.
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  • Jacquard Velvet Fabric
    Jacquard Velvet Fabric
    The jacquard design attached to velvet fabric is artistic, fashionable and luxurious, it also adds a real touch.
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  • Embossed Velvet Fabric
    Embossed Velvet Fabric
    The technique of embossing pattern with embossed effect and special gloss effect by pressing fabric under a certain temperature with a pair of rollers with a certain depth of pattern.
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  • Crushed Velvet
    Crushed Velvet
    Stretch Crushed Velvet fabric features a crushed look with raised, short naps that are pressed in different directions.
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  • Flocking Fabric
    Flocking Fabric
    Flocking is a process that consists of the total or partial application of a surface coating that gives a textured and visual aspect that is very similar to that of velvet. Flocking fabric is high-quality and more durable.
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  • Green Velvet Fabric
    Green Velvet Fabric
  • Red Velvet Fabric
    Red Velvet Fabric
  • Black Velvet Fabric
    Black Velvet Fabric


Durable and made to last

Velvet is designed to be hard-wearing and can last well for years, which makes it a good choice for furniture. The material has a flat dense pile, similar to a rug, which helps add to its durability.

Soft & Luxurious

Because of its elastic, no shedding, no ball, good water absorption, velvet is very popular with people. It is a fine texture, and soft feel, is beautiful and generous, design luxurious.


Velvet is a really versatile material that works well when used in a variety of ways,.t can be used for all kinds of furniture decoration, such as sofa cover, chair cover, curtain cloth, bedding and so on.


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    Because of its softness and air permeability, velvet is very suitable for furniture decoration, such as sofa fabric, chair cover, pillow cover, etc.

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    Velvet has a beautiful design, varied colors and luxurious draping, which is why it experiences high demand as curtains, bedding and so on.

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    Various background cloths, tablecloths, clothing, shoes and bags also use velvet for authentic designs.

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