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About Leather

Leather is the denaturated and non-perishable animal skin obtained by physical and chemical processing, such as depilation and tanning.  Leather is composed of natural protein fibers woven tightly in three dimensional space, its surface has a special grain layer, with natural grain and luster, feel comfortable.  

Artificial leather is also called imitation leather or plastic material, is the general name of PVC and PU and other artificial materials.  It is on the textile duct or non-woven base, by all sorts of different formulations of PVC and PU foam or coated processing, can according to the different strength, wear-resisting, cold resistant degrees and color, luster and pattern request processing is made, with a wide variety of design and color, good waterproof performance, keep out appearance neat, high utilization ratio and relative to the characteristics of the leather is cheap price.  

Artificial leather is a very popular kind of material, which is commonly used to make all kinds of leather products, or substitute parts of leather materials.  Its increasingly advanced production technology is being widely used in the processing of two layers of skin.  Nowadays, the artificial leather that is like dermal characteristic extremely already had production face city, its surface craft is extremely the fibrous organization of base material, achieve dermal effect almost, its price and the price of homebred first layer skin are about the same.