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Printed Velvet Fabric

Classification of printed velvet fabric

At present, there are two-sided printed fabric and single-sided velvet fabric in the market, and printed velvet fabric is divided into single-sided printed velvet and double-sided printed velvet. Although the velvet fabric printing process has coating direct printing, anti-printing process and dyeing printing process, most of the printing is still based on reactive dye direct printing process. To improve the quality of printed velvet, we need to combine the characteristics of "velvet", and take measures and countermeasures to overcome the quality problems and difficulties that often occur in the production process, so that the physical quality of the finished printed velvet fabric is continuously improved to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Guarantee of pile effect of printed velvet fabric

The pile effect is one of the key appearance quality indicators for the finished velvet fabric, and also one of the inner quality indicators of the product. A good pile effect is closely related to a good printing effect, so a good pile effect has always been one of the goals pursued by the velvet printing fabric. In order to get a good pile effect, we must pay attention to many aspects such as raw yarn, pre-treatment, auxiliary finishing before pile, pile machine pile and operation during printing production.