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What Are the Characteristics of Velvet Fabric? How to Maintain It?

Velvet has always been a traditional fall fabric, its luxurious temperament and rich texture create a magical fashion atmosphere. The heavier velvet fabrics are combined with contrasting delicate fabrics, such as silk and lace, to create an extraordinary allure. Let's take a look at the specific introduction!

What is velvet fabric?

The velvet fabric is made of cocoon grade A raw silk, and also uses silk as the warp, cotton yarn as the weft to interweave, and silk or rayon to raise the loops. The warp and weft are first degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, twisted and woven.

According to different purposes, different raw materials can be used for weaving. In addition to the silk and rayon mentioned above, it can also be woven with different raw materials such as cotton, acrylic fiber, viscose silk, polyester and nylon. So velvet fabric is not really woven with velvet, but its feel and texture are as smooth and shiny as velvet.

The characteristics of velvet fabric

The following introduces the velvet fabric from the structure of the velvet structure and the characteristics of the fabric.

1. Organizational structure

Velvet is the name of the silk fabric in which loops or fluff are formed on the surface of the fabric by the velvet. There are two kinds of floral velvet and plain velvet. Floral velvet refers to cutting part of the velvet loops into fluff according to the pattern, so that it can be combined with the unbroken loops to form a pattern; while plain velvet has all velvet loops on its surface. Generally, silk is used as raw material or warp for velvet, cotton yarn is used as weft, and mulberry silk (or rayon) is used for pile loops. When weaving, weave a fleece rod (that is, thin iron wire) into every four fleece threads. When weaving to a certain length, it is cut along the wire with a cutter on the machine to form plush. How the plush rises depends on the pattern. design.

2. Fabric characteristics

The fluff or pile loops in the velvet fabric, like our velvet curtain fabric, stand tightly, the color is elegant, durable, and it is a good material for clothing, hats and decorations. There are two types of velvet: flowers and plains, and the sources of them are different. Velvet is rarely textured, and it is available in single or double colors or inlaid with gold and silver threads.

Maintenance of velvet fabric

1. Reduce friction and pull hard when using.

2. Keep it clean and wash it frequently. It is best to wash it with water instead of dry cleaning.

3. There is no requirement for its ingredients when washing, but the water temperature should be kept at about 40°C.

4. It is best to use ironing, reduce pushing and pulling when ironing, and let the clothes stretch naturally.

5. Place it in a ventilated and clean environment.

The above is the velvet fabric we introduced to you, hoping to help you.

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