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Craft Classification of Blackout Curtain Fabric

Coated blackout curtain fabric

The ordinary fabric is dyed and coated to achieve the effect of blackout fabric, coating generally has a silver coating, flocking, etc. This fabric has two layers or more two layers.

Woven blackout curtain fabric

Through the weaving method directly to achieve the blackout function of the fabric, its method is through the tissue design, weaving in the middle of the cloth woven into a layer of black silk, to achieve the blackout effect, through the post-processing finishing, can be subdivided into the following categories.

Ⅰ Flame retardant blackout curtain fabric: blackout fabric with flame retardant function, divided into fibre flame retardant blackout fabric and finishing flame retardant blackout fabric

Ⅱ Embossed velour fabric: dyed or dyed flame retardant finishing blackout fabric, pressed through special equipment, showing a variety of pattern effects, made of embossed blackout fabric

Ⅲ Printed blackout fabric: after dyeing or dyeing flame retardant finishing of blackout fabric, through transfer printing or coating printing and other methods, the dye is fixed in the fabric, made of printed blackout fabric

Ⅳ Jacquard curtain fabric: through tissue design, weaving a variety of patterns to present a variety of pattern effects can be blackout fabric.

According to the requirements, it can also be made into waterproof, oil and bacteria-resistant blackout fabric, silver blackout fabric, offset printing blackout fabric and so on.

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