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PU Synthetic Leather

About PU leather

PU leather is made of various formulations of PVC and PU foam or lamination on textile or non-woven fabric bases, which can be processed according to different requirements of strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and colour, gloss and pattern. and elasticity can not reach the effect of genuine leather; in its longitudinal section, you can see the fine bubble holes, cloth base or surface film and dry artificial fibre.

PU leather chemical Chinese name is also called ''polyurethane''. PU leather is a polyurethane composition of the skin. Now widely used for bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, it has been increasingly recognized by the market.

People used to call the artificial leather produced by PU resin as raw material PU synthetic leather (PU leather for short); the artificial leather produced by PU resin and non-woven fabric as raw material is called PU synthetic leather (synthetic leather for short). It shows the essence of beauty and reflects the taste of a "plain face". The softness, rigidity, warmth and indifference of the material itself not only affect the senses and spirit of people.

Here are some of its characteristics.

1. High strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, breathable and water permeable, and waterproof.

2. Low temperature still has good tensile strength and bending strength, good resistance to light ageing and hydrolysis stability.

3. Appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontaminate, and easy to sew.

4. The surface is smooth and tight, can be a variety of surface treatments and dyeing, and a variety of prices are relatively low.

5. Water absorption is not easy to swell, deformation, environmental protection, the surface is smooth and tight.