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How to Successfully Mix Velvet Fabric into Your Home Décor?

Velvet in the home industry is almost equivalent to "European classical style". However, European nobles initially liked velvet because of its "Oriental charm". This is because velvet originated in Egypt or China. Europeans discovered this fabric and quickly imported it through the Silk Road, evolving into the velvet we see today. Today I will talk about how to match velvet fabric furniture without failing.

Create contrast using velvet fabric

In the world of velvet, there are two classic colors that are not recommended to be used extensively on their own.

Maroon/Purple velvet fabric

This color is believed to have originated from women's salons during the Rococo period. At that time, the gorgeous gold reliefs and ceiling murals looked very noble but not tacky. Modern home decorations are relatively simple, and this large area of pinkish-red is difficult to match and can become monotonous over time.


Orange-red has been used for several centuries. If used on sofas and curtains, it will look very outdated.

However, these two colors are actually very suitable as contrasting colors. For example, a gray sofa with orange velvet fabric pillows, and a pink as a bright color in Nordic style. Pillows are definitely the easiest and most error-free way to incorporate velvet into the interior.


Use velvet fabric as the main item

If you want to use a lot of velvet fabric, there are basically three options: sofas, chairs, and bedding.

First of all, bedding. Velvet is usually used on matching blankets and pillows, and it is not easy to go wrong. The only thing to note is: no lace. Generally choose low brightness and low saturation. Add a contrasting color for elegance. Velvet material is particularly suitable for bedrooms with gray and warm brown tones that match hard materials such as metal and ceramics.


So, add a brass table lamp or ceramic vase next to the bed to create a complete atmosphere.

In fact, the most atmospheric item in the bedroom should be the velvet headboard, the simple style is better, and it is very atmospheric.


The velvet sofa and chair are one of the essential items for luxurious hotels and restaurants. Danish antique furniture company GUBI designed a beetle chair, which can be regarded as a classic in the velvet chair industry.


However, the most famous velvet sofa should be peacock blue. If you plan to place a blue sofa at home, the velvet material will help you increase the texture. Blue is suitable for large white walls and wooden furniture, making it easy to create retro-modern feeling.


Here, we have to mention a blue single sofa with a white cushion, which can definitely become the most conspicuous item in the living room and can be perfectly integrated with any style of decoration.

Many chairs with design feel also choose velvet material. In summary, sofas and chairs are more common and error-free combinations are as follows:

+Green, matching black and white rooms, and brass accessories

+Gray, matching dark walls and floors, and white or other contrasting colors

+Blue, matching large white walls and wooden furniture

Velvet fabric as a background

Velvet has always been a curtain material, but in modern life, we hardly need velvet curtains because it reminds people of the stage backdrop.

If you use it, do not make the area of the velvet curtains too large. The color block of velvet is relatively heavy, especially when developed horizontally, which can cause a sense of depression in the room, just like a backdrop.

The most suitable windows for using velvet curtains are slender and tall windows that allow the curtains to cascade down elegantly.


In addition to curtains, velvet fabric can also be used on walls, but it's best to avoid using it as a backdrop for televisions and on headboards. It's more suitable for spaces with a vertical extension. Small spaces like a walk-in closet at home can actually give it a try. Stepping inside to change clothes, you'll feel like a queen or a top Hollywood actress.

So, if you want to incorporate velvet material into your home, you don't need much. Choose one of the three applications mentioned above: contrasting colors, standout pieces, or background colors.

However, if your home is already saturated and can't accommodate any new furniture, then consider buying a piece of loungewear. The soft sensory experience and the sense of luxury history it provides are irreplaceable by other materials. What kind of velvet pieces do you all want?