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What is PVC Leather? What Are the Uses?

1. What is the material of PVC leather?

PVC leather is actually a vinyl polymer. The texture is soft and the colors are soft, which can soften the overall space atmosphere, and its deep three-dimensional sense can also enhance the quality of the home.

There are many colors and patterns of pvc leather. Natural color, gorgeous color, rich variety, beautiful pattern, elegant and high-end style, simple and generous, soft color, warm and rich, square edges and corners, continuous symmetry can all describe the effect of pvc leather decoration. Flowers, abstract, squares, diamonds and other flower patterns are widely used in soft bags.

Steady black, romantic purple, passionate red, serene blue, sweet pink, rustic gray, elegant light green and other colors are widely used in soft bags.

2. The use of PVC leather

PVC leather usually refers to PVC soft bag leather, which is a kind of soft leather product, which refers to the wall decoration method of packaging the inner wall of the room with flexible raw materials.

The raw materials it uses are soft and the colors are mild, which can soften the atmosphere of the overall interior space, and its deep three-dimensional sense of space can also improve the overall level of the home.

In addition to the function of beautiful interior space, pvc leather has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture resistance and anti-collision.

Most of the soft bags are used in high-end hotel restaurants, clubs, KTV and other places, which are rare in the overall home. Now, some commercial buildings of high-end apartments, detached villas and townhouses will also be used on a large scale in the case of interior decoration.

PVC leather is also widely used in high-end hotel restaurants, single-family villas, karaoke, sliding doors, TV background walls, leather sofas, car interiors and other decorative designs.

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