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The Difference Between Synthetic Leather and Animal Leather

1. How did synthetic leather come from?

Speaking of leather is no stranger to modern people. Leather is made of animal skin through physical and chemical processing. It is a non-perishable animal skin for people to use. It has many excellent properties, so it is obtained widely used.

With the continuous increase of human demand for leather, the limited animal leather and high price prompted human beings to invent a substitute, and synthetic leather was born.

In fact, leather refers to two things. Leather refers to the one with fur, while leather refers to the one without fur, so fur coats are those with fur, while suits and leather shoes are those without fur, so it is easy to understand why. Synthetic leather is not called synthetic leather anymore.

Synthetic leather is a kind of imitation of animal leather, using plastic materials to imitate leather products that are very similar in both feel and appearance. Usually, the fabric is knitted as a base cloth, and the surface is coated with synthetic resin and some plastic additives. 

Synthetic leather mainly includes PVC synthetic leather, PU synthetic leather and synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is mainly used in clothing, luggage, ball products and other industries. Synthetic leather has the characteristics of various colors, good waterproof performance, and low price.

2. The difference between animal leather and synthetic leather

Leather products have been sought after by people since their appearance, the price is getting higher and higher, and the market demand is also increasing, so leather products have become very popular. In order to meet the needs of the public, synthetic leather has appeared on the market, then what is the difference between them.

Since the genuine leather is made of animal skin, the cost is expensive, and the process is relatively complicated. It needs to go through many processes, and it can finally become a soft and tough genuine leather product after washing, kneading and beating.

Synthetic leather refers to artificially combining some chemical fibers with a machine to synthesize a layer of plastic on the fibers, so the back of the leather has only one layer of fibers, which looks smooth and flat, and feels very hard; the leather is more resilient as a whole because the skin and texture are closely connected.

You can also use your nails to pinch the surface of the leather. Generally, the pinched marks on the genuine leather will quickly return to their original smooth and flat appearance. If it is synthetic leather, either the marks cannot be pinched at all, or the pinched marks will not bounce, you can know whether it is genuine leather or synthetic leather by using fire or observing the pores on the leather.