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How to Clean Polyester Couch?

The biggest feature of polyester fabric is that its elasticity is stronger than any fiber; its strength and wear resistance are good, and the fabric woven by it is not only 3 to 4 times faster than other fibers, but also stiff and not easily deformed. The reputation of ''hot''; polyester fabrics are also highly heat-resistant; have good chemical stability, and will not interact with weak acids, weak bases, and oxidants at normal temperatures.

Here's how to clean a polyester sofa:

1. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the polyester couch.

Polyester fabric sofas are easy to vacuum, so when cleaning fabric sofas, vacuum cleaners should be used to vacuum the surface of the sofa regularly.

2. Disassemble and wash the polyester couch directly.

Some or most of the current fabric sofas can be removed from the fabric cover on the sofa, so when the fabric sofa is dirty, we can directly remove it, wash it with water, and then put it back on.

3. Rinse polyester couch with clean water.

There are different ways and degrees of soiling of the fabric sofa. It is not necessary to remove the cover when ordinary small places are soiled, and it only needs to be scrubbed with clean water.

4. Scrub polyester couch with detergent.

After the polyester sofa is dirty, if the dirty place cannot be cleaned with water, it needs to be scrubbed with a special detergent. It is best to use a sponge. The sponge has good water absorption and can also generate static electricity. It is very convenient to clean the polyester sofa. smudges.