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PVC Synthetic Leather

About PVC leather:

PVC leather is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride artificial leather, also called PVC leather, is coated with PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and other additives made of paste on the fabric, or laminated with a PVC film, and then made by a certain process. The strength of the product is high, the cost is low, and the decorative effect is good, the waterproof performance is good, the utilization rate is high, but most of the feel and elasticity still can't reach the effect of genuine leather; the longitudinal cut surface has bubble holes, cloth base or surface film and artificial fiber. Can do all kinds of bags, seat covers, linings, etc., in the decoration of more used in soft and hard bags.

PVC synthetic leather is a mixture of PVC or other resins and certain additives, coated or laminated on the substrate and then processed and made of composite material, it is similar to natural leather, with soft, wear-resistant characteristics.

The traditional product of PVC synthetic leather is polyvinyl chloride artificial leather, and later there are new varieties such as polyolefin leather and nylon leather. It is artificial leather that is very similar to natural leather in composition, structure and appearance. It generally refers to products with polyurethane as the main raw material and non-woven fabric as the base material. Artificial leather can replace leather in almost any occasion where leather is used, and is used to make many kinds of daily necessities and industrial supplies.

Advantages and uses of PVC leather:

Advantages: good decoration effect, rich pattern and color, environmental protection and flame retardant, lightweight, easy processing, wear-resisting and inexpensive.

Uses: Besides making bags and seats, PVC leather is also suitable for home decoration, sliding doors, TV background, KTV decoration, soft package leather, wall soft package, home leather, sofa leather, furniture leather, etc.