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Little-known Things About Artificial Leather

With the continuous promotion of environmental protection concepts, the development of artificial leather is becoming more and more mature.

Development of Artificial Leather

At the beginning of the 20th century, people coated fabric with nitrocellulose solution to create the earliest artificial leather. In 1964, an American company first produced commercial synthetic leather, and with the advent of ultra-fine fiber materials, it became possible to better mimic the internal structure of animal leather, making it almost a complete substitute for animal leather.

Introduction of Artificial Leather

1. Characteristics of Artificial Leather

(1) Synthetic leather wholesale has the appearance and texture of genuine leather.

(2) It is mainly used to produce shoes and bags.

(3) It is an alternative to genuine leather.

2. Advantages of Artificial Leather

(1) It is flexible and not easily cracked.

(2) It is waterproof, mold-proof, and lightweight.

(3) It has strong tear resistance and adhesion.

(4) It has better color stability.

(5) It has a wider range of colors.

(6) It is environmentally friendly and protects animals.

3. Types of Artificial Leather

(1) Embossed artificial leather.

(2) Mirror artificial leather.

(3) Metallic artificial leather.

(4) Suede artificial leather.

(5) Beaded artificial leather.

(6) Metallic mirror artificial leather.

Production Process of Artificial Leather

1. Various raw materials, such as wood powder and solvent (DMF), are placed in a blender in a certain proportion to make a mixture. The mixture is then filtered through a defoaming machine and a filter screen to remove impurities and bubbles.

2. The rolled base fabric is pulled out from the reel and passed through a coating tank to apply the mixture to the base fabric. The coating is then made thinner and more uniform on the fabric by passing it through squeezing rollers.

3. The color powder is mixed with water in proportion to the synthetic leather color and then applied to the base fabric through a roller.

4. The synthetic leather for sale is pulled through a textured flower roller to create patterns on the surface.

5. The coated base fabric is washed with water to remove the coating, and the polyurethane resin will slowly solidify to form a porous film on the surface. Finally, the synthetic leather is dried at 120℃ and rolled up on the reel.

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